Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (AATA)

Brand redesign | Designed with Samantha Brown

Hidden 2 Observation

Installation, graphic design | Exhibited at the Duderstadt Gallery @ University of Michigan


Perfume has always been a symbol for the pursue of beauty, with its fragrances bonded with pleasant feelings. What if your nose tells you a totally different story?

Winter Collection was created to challenge the visceral feelings of a participant and encourage reflection on water contamination. Visitors use a test strip to try out any one of the three perfumes, which each has a product description card introducing it.


Visuals - Participants see the perfume collection and a vintage mirror from few steps away.
Preset - Participants were reminded previous experiences trying out or smelling perfume.
Trigger - Participants try out the stink perfume by themselves and experience a huge contrast between expectation and reality.
Reflection - Participants are encouraged to reflect about the experience.


Infection - waste smell - To mimics old human septic systems/ livestock wastes.
Wasteland - chemicals, paint smell - Industrial waste and toxic substances.
Silent Spring - rotten egg smell - The death of species as a result.


I spent a lot time on trying to blend the ideal smells. The most important thing was to trigger people's imagination of the scenarios I hoped to convey. For an entire week I carried my smell bottles around campus, experimenting and test around. Sorry if you suddenly detect something weird in the air...!


UMich Course Badges

Designed for 4 courses at the University of Michigan: Online Communities | Developing AR/VR Experiences | Multidisciplinary Design Program | Graphics Design & Visual Communication