The Matrix Bullet Stopping Scene in VR.

A-Frame, Unity | Javascript, C# | Oculus Quest
Project Overview.
Wouldn't it be great to actually experience the Matrix bullet stopping scene? I made a VR version in both A-Frame and Unity in which you can teleport to anywhere in the scene. I built the main stage as a Japanese Dojo sitting inside the snow mountains. The bullets are flying towards you just as in the Matrix movie.
My Role.
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01. Planning
02. "You
03. Shall
04. Not
05. Pass!!!"
06. Primitives
07. Hot-A-Frame
11. Unity
13. Terrain
14. Lighting
15. Animation
18. Experience

AR Portal.

Unity, ARKit | C# | iOS
Project Overview.
I made this project during the COVID-19 quarantine to imagine an Anywhere Door that can transport me to whenever I wanted to go. I looked up and found three ways to make the "another world" effect: using an 360° image, modeling a new environment, or writing shaders to render the surroundings. While the former two wouldn't allow me to view the current world and I love the feeling of mixed reality, I made the portal using the third method.
My Role.
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As the application starts running on the phone, one can place the portal by tapping on the screen. The portal's size and position can be adjusted by pinching and retapping.

If the person is inside of the portal, the world will be rendered with effects; if being outside it will render the effects only in the portal window. The conditional rendering is achieved through a stencil buffer.

View surroundings.
I built the effects with the particle system, skybox and shaders. The skybox is set transluscent so that the real world can be seen along with the special effects, which adds to the immersive feeling.
User interactions.